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Ask Us - Thunderbird Jewelry Co.

Q:  I am concerned about whether I am purchasing "genuine" Native American jewelry.  How do I know if an item is made or crafted by a Native American craftsperson?
The subject of authenticity for Native American jewelry has been a concern for many years, and we recognize that it is important to represent our products as accurately as possible.  Our existence of buying and selling Native American jewelry for over 40 years has allowed us to develop and maintain a reputation of being a reliable and knowledgeable dealer in the industry.  In addition, our buyers average over 15 years of experience in the industry.  Lastly, we maintain a file on each item, which includes the craftsperson who sold the item to us, so that we can share that information if a customer needs it for verification.  Every item on our website includes information on the origin of manufacture, including if it has been represented to us as being Native American-made or crafted. However, we do sell a limited number of high-quality items which are not Native American-made, which are clearly stated in their item descriptions as being "non-Native American made."  Regardless of the item, if you have any concerns about the items you are purchasing as being "genuine," please contact us and we will share as much information about that item and its origin and authenticity.  

Q:  What is the difference between "wholesale" and "retail" customers?
 The difference between "wholesale" and "retail" customers is this: "wholesale" customers are businesses who resell our products, while "retail" customers are generally purchasing our products for their own collections or to give as gifts, etc. to others.

Q:  How do I qualify as a "wholesale" customer?
 We have posted the qualifications for a "wholesale" customer on our "Store Policies" page, which you can click here.  We require that new "wholesale" accounts contact us directly so that we can verify information and to get to know you better.  For our contact information, you can click here for information or click on the link on the bottom of this page.

Q:  I want to see what price my company will receive, but all I see is "retail" pricing.  What do I need to do?
To "see" your pricing, you need to set up an account.  Please contact us for more information by clicking here or by calling 1-800-545-7998.  To protect the pricing structure of our  "wholesale" customers who purchase in large quantities, we qualify our customers based on their potential purchasing volume with us by asking a few simple questions and requesting proof of business.  

Q:  I would like to order rings, but there is no place to select the sizes I want.  What should I do?
There is a "Special Instructions" box on the order summary page.  It appears below the shipping information and above your order.  You can type the sizes you need in that box.

Q:  Is your shopping cart able to calculate International shipping?
A:  Yes, when you go to the view cart/checkout tab you will be asked to enter your shipping address, make sure you click on the "Click here for international addresses" link that will help to figure the correct shipping.

Q:  The total charges on the shopping cart is different than what was charged to my credit card.  Why is there a difference?
Due to the volume of sales we have in our showroom, there is a chance that we may have sold some items from the point you placed your order to the time we are able to fill that order.  Even though we make our best efforts to update our inventory data on our E-commerce database throughout the day, there is a chance that we may be out-of-stock because of this situation.  If you would prefer to know of these outages, let us know.  Otherwise we will ship what is available.    

Q:  If I didn't receive all of the items I ordered, will they be placed on back order?
We have found that most of our customers prefer that we do not put out-of-stock items on backorder.  However, if you would like for us to put those items on backorder, we would be happy to do so.  Please understand, though, that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find and fill all items as many of our products are purchased in limited quantities.  

Q:  Why are the shipping charges different on the website than on my invoice?
Sometimes we deal with a discrepancy between what the shopping cart calculates for shipping and what the actual shipping charge should be.  One of the reasons for this difference in amounts is that it is based on actual weight and insure value which will make the difference, which does not always reflect in the shopping cart's calculations.  In addition, we have found that there can be problems with the shopping cart when it calculates the actual handling costs for certain orders. Regardless if there is a difference or not, the actual total will show on your original invoice included inside your package.  If you are needing to know about this difference please let us know.  Your credit card will not be processed until we finalize your order manually.

Q: The stone in my product doesn't match what I saw on the website.  Why did this happen?
There are a few possible reasons why this has happened.  The first possibility is due to the fact that we sometimes receive products with a number of different stones or colors.  Even though we make every effort to post on our website a list of colors available for those items, we sometimes will run out of a particular color, including the color in the picture.  If you know what specific color you want, and you want to make sure that we give you that specific color, please let us know in your order.  The second possibility is due to some variance in color and matrix in the stone.  Especially with items that include turquoise in the design, there can be some variance in color, matrix and form in each product.  If you are concerned that you will not receive the color, matrix or form you would like, please let us know and we will do our best to serve your needs.  Another possibility is the color represented on the computer screen, versus what the actual product's color is.  Even though we do everything we can to ensure that the color in the picture on the website is as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee that the color on the computer screen you are seeing the product is color-corrected and accurate - so we encourage customers to make sure that their computer screens are properly operating and that the color settings are accurate.  Regardless, we want for you to be satisfied and so we ask that you let us know what you need from us when you place your order so that we can make sure you are completely satisfied.  

Q:  I am making a trip to New Mexico and would like to visit your store.  Where are you located?
We're glad that you are making a trip to see us!  We have a page on our website which will give you the information you need to find our store.  Click here for more information or go to the "Visit Us" link on the bottom of this page.  Our showroom is one of the largest Native American jewelry showrooms in the country and we have a wide selection to choose from.  Many of our customers travel out to our showroom here in Gallup, New Mexico to pick their products in person, which we've found is the best way to find what you are looking for.  Also, make a point to stay for a while as there are plenty of beautiful places to see and experience here in the local area.  If you would like for us to offer some recommendations for lodging, places to eat, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, bird-watching, exploring, or just to sit and enjoy, please feel free to contact us.  Tourists from all over the world come to see our area, and you'll find that there are great reasons why our area is so popular.      

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