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Artisan Information - Thunderbird Jewelry Co.

Quality handicrafts are only as good as the hands that make them. At Thunderbird Jewelry, our products are crafted by some of the most highly skilled hands in the business. Although the success of our business relies upon our customers’ continued patronage, without our artisans we would have nothing to sell, and we are forever indebted to their vision, dedication, and talents.

Meet our Artisans:
Harry Spencer hails from Mentmore, New Mexico. Harry has been working as a silversmith for more than 30 years, having originally learned the art form from his grandfather. Harry has been part of the Thunderbird Jewelry team for almost his entire career, having been with the company for better than 20 years. His skill in manipulating raw silver into stunning pieces of jewelry is unmatched.

Ella Cowboy, also of Mentmore, learned from her relatives how to make jewelry. Today, she inlays jewelry as part of the Thunderbird Jewelry team, a role she has played for more than 15 years. Ella’s talent and artistic eye help to create some of the most stunning Native American Indian and tribal jewelry for sale anywhere.

Other well-known artisans (just to name a few) whose items we sell:

Nathaniel & Rosemary Nez
Pauline Nelson
Darrin Boone
Aronzo Charley
Emery Boone
Gaynell Parker
Virginia Becenti
Betty Begay
Melvin Chee
Emma Bowekaty
Freddie Barney
Severn Blackmountain
Geraldrita Whitethorne
Thomas A. Begay
Brandon Etsitty
Deirdre Panteah-Luna
Juanita A. Long
Chester Charley
Preston Haley
Edward Johnson
Tonisha Haley
Rita Dawes
Juanita Manygoats
Delvin Leekya
Cheryl Beyuka
Sylvester Yazzie
The Iule's
Theresa Kinsel
Jeff James Jr.
Justin James
Florence Tahe
Zane Tahe
Steve Francisco
Naomi Garcia
Monica Jack
Lorenzo Arviso
Max Calladitto Jr.
Carolyn Nez
David Morris
Ida McCrae
Kree Blanchard
Marcus Gishal
Jeanette Yazzie
Sean Clark
Mike Thomas
Abbey Quam Panteah
Ernest Hawthorne
Melburn Dishta
Pauline Lonjose
Bonnie Quam-Leekela
David Leekity
Rita Touchine
Wylie Secatero
Edison Yazzie
Judy Lincoln
Denise Natewa
Angie Rosetta
Larry Curley


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